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Choreography of the sun
The Surya Necklace carries the essence of sun salutation, a yogic practice that honors the source of all life. Each posture is engraved on the medallion, inviting continuous movement and mindfulness.
This piece of jewelry is an invitation to integrate the practice of yoga into daily life, offering a constant reminder of the strength of the sun and the power of the here and now.

Embrace vitality and light with the Surya Necklace, a dazzling creation chosen by AJY Bazaar, which celebrates the rhythmic solar movements, inviting you to fully experience each moment, here and now.
  • Details

    About the designer:
    Manon Lahargou, passionate about India, harmony and holistic medicine, offers through her jewelry an intimate connection between artisanal beauty and the path of natural healing. Each trip to this land of contrasts expands his vision and enriches the collection with healing energy and striking aesthetics.

  • Composition

    Celestial Medal : With a diameter of 2.9 cm, it offers generous space to illustrate the Sun Salutation, centered by a half-moon, half-sun symbol.
    Mindfulness Words : “HERE” and “NOW” engraved on the back remind us of the importance of fully living the present moment.
    Adjustable chain : adjust the length from 45 to 55 cm to reflect your personal style.
    Radiance of the Sun : 2 micron 24 carat fine gold gilding ensures luminosity that will not tarnish over time.

  • Advice

    Each piece of jewelry is carefully gilded with fine gold in France. In order to keep the shine of your jewelry as much as possible, take care to avoid any contact with water, humidity, perfumes, cosmetics or even any chemical products (chlorine, bleach, etc.).

    Don't forget to take off your jewelry when you take a shower, do sports, or when you swim in the sea/swimming pool.
    Place them in a dry place.
    We advise you to remove them to sleep, slip them into their little pouch to store them (you can leave the clasp outside the pouch to prevent the chain from getting tangled).

    Jewelry can oxidize naturally with air and moisture. To best preserve your jewelry, do not hesitate to clean it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any traces of oxidation.

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