Notre engagement - la nature au coeur de notre philosophie.

Notre marque est née de la conviction que l’Ayurvéda recèle de savoirs et de pratiques millénaires qui peuvent améliorer notre vie. À la fois science, médecine et art de vivre, elle nous accompagne de façon simple et naturelle pour restaurer, maintenir l’équilibre entre notre corps, notre cœur et notre esprit.

Le rapport aux saisons, aux cycles, aux éléments et donc à la nature fait partie intégrante de notre philosophie.

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Our mission

By using the principles of Ayurveda, we want to offer a real philosophy of life, well beyond the product, in order to allow everyone to know themselves and adapt their way of life according to their basic needs.

Simultaneously science, medicine and art of living, Ayurveda accompanies us in a simple and natural way to restore and maintain the balance between our body, our heart and our mind.

Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain an optimal level of well-being and health and to accompany you towards the full development of your being.

Our formulas

Our formulas

All our formulas are composed of plants recognized for their virtues according to Ayurveda and chosen for their synergies.

Surrounded by a team of experts, we have selected the most effective plants from the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia available in organic , vegan and authorized in France to regulate digestion, soothe the mind, reduce stress, promote concentration and boost energy and vitality.

Our capsules are of natural origin and gastro-resistant for better effectiveness and assimilation by the body. The capsules pass through the stomach without being altered by gastric juices, and will be dissolved in the intestine in order to gradually release their active ingredients and nutrients. They also prevent gastric disorders and inconveniences.

Our Promise

Our Promise

Limited impact on the planet.

It was essential for us to have an environmentally friendly production line with simple and eco-responsible packaging. All our packaging is made from a bioplastic called PLA (Poly Lactic Acid). This material is obtained using corn and beet sugars and starches. They are 100% compostable, resistant and suitable for food contact.

All our glassine reels are also recycled to be reused as magazine paper.

Our food supplements come from Organic, Vegan farming, Ecocert certified and of French origin. They are manufactured and packaged in France.

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