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AJY is a brand of food supplements and super foods inspired by Ayurveda. It is a holistic approach to well-being and its rituals while mixing diet, dynamic yoga, yin yoga and self-acceptance.

Our brand was born from the conviction that Ayurveda conceals age-old knowledge and practices that can improve our lives. Simultaneously science, medicine and art of living, it accompanies us in a simple and natural way to restore and maintain the balance between our body, our heart and our mind.

Our commitment is to offer organic, vegan food products and supplements, made in France and whose ingredients are of French origin.

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A like Ayurveda

This thousand-year-old and holistic practice addresses both the mind and the human organism. It is preventive, it encourages us to listen to ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to understand our needs, to nourish ourselves essentially with what our organism demands.

The practice of Ayurveda brings serenity and comfort. It accompanies our days, our balance, our diet.

Thanks to experts, we have selected the most effective plants of the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia available in organic and vegan authorized in France, to offer the best formulas for your needs and the most respectful of our environment.

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J for Joy

Because without joie de vivre, how can you move forward with your projects?

The joy of choosing to do what we please, the joy of sharing, the joy of helping, of communicating allows us to fulfill ourselves. Joy is a positive emotion, the immediate perception that something makes us feel good. The cause of this emotion is sometimes very clear because it corresponds to obtaining, satisfaction, good news. It can also come from a more vague feeling, like a fullness or a path, a direction that we take without having any other objective than happiness.

Joy, fundamentally, is the smile of exchange and mutual aid, the one I receive every day and which nourishes me.

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Y Like Yoga

The teaching of yoga guides us towards humility. We never stop learning, always a little more.

In Yoga and in Ayurveda the body and the mind are a global entity, they must be connected and cannot be treated separately.

Yoga helps to recharge your batteries, breathe, listen to your body, discover your vitality, your strength, your muscles, regain your concentration, your presence and gain self-confidence.

Your body is your ally. Love it everyday.

À ces trois mots, Ayurveda, Joie, Yoga, j’associe mes points forts, mes racines, mon ADN.
Le A de Ayurvéda, je l’associe au prénom de ma fille Ava, mon bonheur, mon équilibre.
Le J de Joie, je le vois aussi tous les jours dans l’apprentissage de la vie de ma seconde merveille, Jim.
Quant au Y de yoga, il est la force et la confiance en moi que, dans mon sang et par notre amour éternel, ma grand-mère Yvette m’a transmis.

Cette association de lettres qui au creux de l’oreille me dit : « AJY, agis pour toi, rien que pour toi… ».

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