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Digestive comfort and strengthened immune system

The Detox Slimming DUO

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AJYLIFT - the vegan alternative to animal collagen.

AJYLIFT - the vegan alternative to animal collagen.

A unique solution that specifically meets the collagen needs of vegetarians and vegans.

Discover our Ajylift treatment: combining hyaluronic acid, Coll-egan® and vitamin C, it exceptionally stimulates the natural production of collagen while providing essential vegan amino acids.

Offer your skin a unique care experience, adapted to your lifestyle choices.

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Coupled with brisk walking or interval running, efficiency is increased tenfold! I was blown away. I have lost a lot of my water retention and I feel my metabolism “revived”.

Already recommended to all my girlfriends ;)


I am impressed by the preparation of the skin for sun exposure. That's wonderful ! I am likely to blush then peel and become pale again. But since ajyllumine, I have exposed myself and my skin has tanned without pulling or blushing. On all the body ! Not just the face. This is a big first for me! Thank you AJY!

AJYGAITY - Emotional Stress

This cure really helped me to reboost my energies after a complicated period. More serene, more peaceful, after the first 2 weeks.


I am happy with this treatment and what it is starting to bring me. I never expected to see results so quickly. My hair thanks you!

AJYVEG - Special diets

I quickly felt the benefits on the fatigue that I could feel. French product that I recommend and very fast delivery!

AJYODÉE - Magnesium and iron

I took iron daily before taking this cure, I tended to lose my hair a lot and I didn't really see any improvement. After less than 1 month of taking AJYODÉE daily, I no longer lost them. We feel that the quality and the concentration of the ingredients are very good and perfectly sourced, I have a real confidence in this brand from now on to choose my supplements.

AJYTATRICE - Libido and vitality

Following a small loss of diet after baby number 3 as well as a tormented and downright exhausting period of life, I started a month ago and I intend to follow it for two more months as advised. More fit, less tired… (and everyone knows that fatigue is not conducive to a fulfilling sex life). I recommend.

AJYMMUNITY - Immune System

I am absolutely delighted with the AJYMMUNITÉ cure, I intend to use it at each change of season to boost my immune system. I really recommend it!

AJYODÉE - Nervous and physical fatigue

I have been taking AJYODÉE for a month now and I really feel the effects. I sleep better and I manage stress much better on a daily basis. It is certain, I continue!!! Finally, healthy supplements that work. Thank you AJY!!


I was looking for a completely natural way to fall asleep. Between 1 and 2 capsules each evening depending on the stress felt during my day and the nervousness that could result from it. My nights are peaceful without any worries of waking up in the morning. I wake up full of energy after a full night's rest. Even my man was seduced and is amazed at this efficiency. We recommend.

AJYVEG - Special diets

I am a veggie with a vegan tendency, I have always taken B12 a little inconstantly and I must admit that these capsules with all that they contain do me good and make up for the small deficiency I had in B12. The fact that there is also vitamin D and iodine make this dietary supplement essential for me. And in addition, the small package arrived in 2 days, super fast!

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