Le Dosha Pitta

Le Dosha Pitta est le dosha de la transformation. Il se compose des éléments de feu et d’eau.

feu ajy ayurvéda

Physical characteristics
The pitta profile has an average build, quite muscular with strong bones. Their skin is hot and may tend to sweat easily.

Mental characteristics
The pitta profile is logical and competitive. He can be hard on himself. He is strong-willed, ambitious, charismatic and often takes a leadership role. He also has a good ability to concentrate. The profile with a dominant pitta is very loyal but can sometimes be impatient and intolerant towards others.

eau ayurvéda ajy

How to identify imbalances? Some signs to take into account?
Inflammation and heartburn can be signs of imbalances.

Tips for balancing, i.e. compensating for too much Pitta
Limit exposure to the sun. Favor plant-based milks. Don't overuse stimulants like sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea. Slow down your pace of life (yes, yes it's possible!). Don't eat spicy. Don't seek competition at all costs, practice sports in the great outdoors. Calm down (music, relaxation).

Plants that do good
Refresh: cardamom, coriander, turmeric, dandelion.
Alkalize: chlorophyll, nettle, spirulina.