Le Dosha Pitta

Le Dosha Pitta est le dosha de la transformation. Il se compose des éléments de feu et d’eau.

feu ajy ayurvéda

Physical characteristics
Medium build, fairly muscular and strong bones. Hot skin, sweats easily.

Mental characteristics
Logical and competitive; hard on herself, strong-willed, charismatic, often positions herself in leadership, ambitious. Good focus. Sometimes impatient with others. Very loyal in friendship and can be ruthless in the face of enemies.

eau ayurvéda ajy

How to identify imbalances? A few signs to consider?
Inflammation and heartburn can be signs of imbalances.

Tips for balancing, i.e. compensating for an overflow of Pitta
Limit sun exposure. Choose vegetable milks. Do not abuse stimulants such as sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea. Slow down your pace of life (yes, yes it is possible!). Do not eat spicy. Do not seek competition at all costs, practice sports in the open air. Calm down (music, relaxation).

Plants that do good
Refresh: cardana, coriander, turmeric, dandelion.
Alkalinize: chlorophyll, nettle, spirulina.