l'équilibre du corps et de l'esprit.

ayurvéda ajy

Ayurveda is an ancestral medicine, which simultaneously heals body and mind.

The term Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and means "knowledge of life". This traditional medicine, practiced for millennia in India, originating in the Himalayan mountains, is a holistic method which is based on the awareness of the union of body and mind. It underlines our dependence on our environment, on the living world and on nature.

ayurvéda ajy

Ayurvedic knowledge has been transmitted orally through the generations, then in the texts called the vedas , from which also come the practices of yoga and meditation. Vital energy, balance of body and mind are the keys to this culture.

Recognized in 1982 by the World Health Organization (WHO), this method teaches us to protect our health by understanding our own physiological and mental functioning. It does not replace current Western medicine, but accompanies it in the same way as alternative medicine (naturopathy, herbal medicine, etc.).

ether ayurvéda ajy

ETHER: 1st element

It is space, it is still, cold and omnipresent. It is from the ether that everything is created. We need this space to create the other 4 elements.
The connection to the body : it is present in the receptacle areas, which fill up such as the lungs, bladder and intestines.
The connection to the senses : it is linked to hearing and the mind (in Ayurveda, the mind is found in the heart). It will analyze the situations that guide our actions, it makes us reflective.

The connection to the mind : it has the ability to adapt. He is open to changes and challenges.
The link to the seasons : late autumn, early winter because this is the time when nature apparently dies, but dies to create space.
The link to the period of life : end of life, at the time of death
Beneficial activities : meditation, sleep, rest, silence, detaching yourself from others to stay alone, absence of movement.

The ether begins to move and becomes air.

air ayurvéda ajy

AIR: 2nd element

It is cold, purifying, fluid and moving.
The link to the body : it is manifested by the different circulations in the body, body movements and breathing.
The link to the senses : it is connected to touch. The passive associated organ is the skin, it receives. And the associated active organs are the hands, they move.
The link to the mind : it is linked to thoughts, to their speed and to communication.
The link to the seasons: autumn
The link to the period of life: transition from an active life to a calmer, gentler life.
Beneficial activities : breathing, rapid movements centered on the upper body, cardio, yoga warrior, yoga vinyasa, dynamic yoga.

Air that is fluid and moving heats up to become fire.

feu ajy ayurvéda

FIRE: 3rd element

It becomes more palpable than air but you cannot touch it, it is subtle, dry, radiant.
The link to the body : like the high quality of the air, it is always in motion and will bring about transformation in the human body. It releases energies and helps good digestion.
The link to the senses : it is linked to the view. The passive associated organs are the eyes, they receive. And the associated active organs are the feet, they move.
The link in mind : he is responsible for processing and analyzing information. Good memorization, it is square and logical.
The link to the seasons : summer
The link to the period of life: The very active moment, work, children…
Beneficial activities : competition, explosive movements centered on the lower body, martial arts, bikram yoga.

The fire pushed by the air will gain in fluidity in order to give birth to water.

eau ayurvéda ajy

WATER: 4th element

It is liquid, heavy and cold.
The link to the body: water is responsible for flexibility, lubrication of organs, mucus, synovial fluids.
The link to the senses: it is related to taste. The passive associated organs are the mouth and the tongue, they receive. And the active associated organs are the bladder and the kidneys, they come into motion.
The link to the spirit : water is linked to feelings and emotions.
The link to the seasons : spring
The link to the period of life : learning, school
Beneficial activities : stretching and flexibility of the limbs, suppleness, slow movements, swimming, Yin yoga.

I recapitulate, once we go from ether, an empty and immobile space which begins to move to create air, which itself moves, densifies to become fire and which will further densify and weigh down to create water, the path continues to arrive at the heaviest element there is, the earth.

terre ayurvéda ajy

EARTH: 5th element

It is stable and contains the right balance of all the elements within it. It is heavy, dense and slow.
The link to the body : it manifests itself in fat and muscle mass.
The link to the senses: it is connected to the sense of smell, the passive associated organ is the nose, it receives. And the active associated organs are the anus and the rectum, they evacuate the densest matter from the body.
The link to the spirit: the earth is linked to anchoring, stability and calm, unlike people who have a lot of air, for example, whose thoughts go in all directions.
The link to the seasons : end of winter, beginning of spring.
The life period link: in utero growth and infancy.
Beneficial activities : activities around the earth, such as gardening, walking, hiking, or that promote the increase of muscle mass.

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