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The benefits of yoga

Yoga helps to recharge your batteries, breathe, listen to your body, discover your vitality, your strength, your muscles, regain your concentration, your presence and gain self-confidence.

With the practice of yoga but also through Ayurveda, we learn to listen to ourselves and get to know each other from head to toe to evacuate an overflow of stress, intense fatigue, back pain or discomfort.

The desire to discover the resources of this practice germinates, then the click happens quickly. Calm, care, interiority, stretching, these words resonate in our body. As varied as it is according to the teacher and his inspiration, the method is holistic, generous; it takes into account the whole body in the present moment.

Meditation and breathing cure our fears, our stress, our insomnia. The postures treat our ailments, lengthen us, soften us. The perception of our body is refined, stress is removed, body and mind relax together, simultaneously.

The teaching of Yoga guides us towards humility. We never stop learning, always a little more. Let's understand that the benefits of Yoga are not found in books or listening only to the best masters in the world: the path is first and foremost personal.

The link between Yoga and Ayurveda

The practice of yoga and Ayurveda share several essential principles and concepts. They have a holistic approach to the individual and their well-being and consider that everything is linked. His body, his mind, his emotions, his environment.

The vital energy in Ayurveda, Prana, is also at the heart of these two systems of knowledge. Awareness of one's balance through breathing, meditation but also Ayurveda food aim to develop the mind and mental and physical well-being. Observing yourself, learning to measure your strengths, recognize your weaknesses and find a balance.

Dare the challenge

The practice of Yoga puts us on the right path and it is up to us to move forward at our own pace without trying to be better than the other, nor wanting to always be as efficient as the day before.

The key is to dare. Daring to ask for help, daring to learn from others, daring to be imperfect, daring to have fun, daring to laugh, daring to cry, daring to fail in order to succeed better afterwards. Try a little every day – the master, the teacher, is a yogi like any other who continually learns and challenges himself. The road is beautiful and long, we must bring our sankalpa – our intention.

The intention can be a word, a phrase, a mantra or even a person to whom one would like to dedicate oneself, or simply a thought that one addresses to oneself. The intention can change according to our mood and our needs.