Le Dosha Kapha

Le Dosha Kapha est le dosha de la stabilité. Il se compose des éléments de terre et d’eau.

terre ayurvéda ajy

Physical characteristics
Gains weight easily, strong bones, soft and hydrated skin. Thick hair, round face and full lips.

Mental characteristics
Quiet, amiable, enjoys routine. Loyal, reliable, rational and prudent.

eau ayurvéda ajy

How to identify imbalances? A few signs to consider?
Lack of motivation. Thought disorders. Slow digestion. Lethargy. Weight gain. Prone to runny nose, allergies. Water retention.

Tips for balancing, i.e. compensating for an overflow of Kapha
Wake up before 8 am. Get out of your comfort zone, get out of the routine. Take the air and the sun (while protecting yourself…). Practice muscle building and boost your metabolism. Eat hot and spicy spices to avoid stagnation (pepper, chilli, ginger).

Plants that do good

Respiratory system stimulant: elecampane, myrrh, pippali.
Nerve stimulant: rhodiola, coffee, rosemary.