Le Dosha Vata

Le Dosha Vata est le dosha du mouvement. Il se compose des éléments d’air et d’éther. C’est la force principale de mouvement dans le corps et l’esprit.
Le mot Vata signifie souffler ou se déplacer comme le vent.

air ayurvéda ajy

Physical characteristics
The Vata profile has a fine bone structure, a slim body and may have difficulty gaining weight. He generally has thin skin, may have visible veins, a face and thin hair. He doesn't sweat much. Energetic, he can also have frequent bouts of sluggishness.

Mental characteristics
Creative and dispersed, Vata tires quickly, moving from one activity to another as quickly as air. He has a very great ability to adapt. Naturally anxious and prone to stress, he nevertheless remains a very good communicator, shows a lot of humanity and can sometimes fear getting involved for fear of boredom.

ether ayurvéda ajy

How to identify imbalances? Some signs to take into account.
Stress, anxiety. Fatigue. Insomnia. Lack of concentration. Cold ends. Constipation. Easy weight loss. Dry skin and lips.

Tips for balancing, i.e. compensating for too much Vata
Follow a lifestyle with schedules, sleep more than 8 hours. Eat hot, cooked meals. Drink lots of herbal teas. Cultivate your patience, compensate for Vata (movement) through meditation or yoga.

Plants that do good
Ashwagandha, oats, basil.
Purification and digestion: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, ginger.