AJY Bazaar Incense Kit - Rose & Sandalwood

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AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit “Courage & Aspiration” – Rose & Sandalwood
Inspired by the strength of the heart and the quest of the soul, the “Courage & Aspiration” Incense Kit combines the romantic scent of Rose (symbol 6) with the sacred richness of Sandal (symbol 9), guiding the spirit towards noble aspirations and the courage to follow one's path.

    • Rose : Encourages courage and self-love, with floral notes that uplift the senses.
    • Sandalwood : Promotes spiritual aspiration, with woody notes that purify and uplift.
    Cultivate the energy of the heart and the height of the spirit with the AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit - Rose & Sandal, and let these noble and inspiring scents guide you towards daily courage and aspiration.
      • Details

        Rose - “Heart of Courage”
        Rose is the very heart of courage, its delicate and assertive scent awakens inner strength and inspires boldness. She is a living symbol of the ability to overcome with grace and bravery.

        Sandal - "Aroma of Aspiration"
        Sandal is a sacred fragrance that uplifts the soul, paving the way for our highest aspirations. Its woody and pure fragrance is often associated with the search for truth and connection with the divine.

      • Composition

        12 Rose incense sticks (Courage, No. 6): With its floral and inspiring fragrance, rose incense is a symbol of courage and heart.

        12 Sandal incense sticks (Aspiration, No. 9): Sandalwood, with its deep fragrance, is an ally in the quest for spiritual aspiration.

        Features :
        Quantity: 24 incense sticks (12 of each scent)
        Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick
        Ingredients: Selected for their quality and natural origin
        Craft: Hand-rolled sticks respecting traditional methods
        Dimensions: 4.5x22 cm

      • Advice

        How to use it ?
        Use these incenses during moments of contemplation or to beautify your daily life. Light, blow out the flame, and place in an incense holder for a safe and pleasant burn.

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      Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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      1 avis
      • Marion C.
        Acheteur vérifié
        Je recommande ce produit
        Rated 5 out of 5 stars
        il y a 4 heures
        Une senteur divine

        Je suis ravie de ces encens ils sentent divinement bon !!!

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