AJY Bazaar Incense Kit - Mattipal & Musk

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AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit “Peace & Sincerity” – Mattipal & Musk

This kit combines the deep tranquility of Mattipal (symbol 2) with the down-to-earth intensity of Musk (symbol 1), inviting an olfactory journey that anchors inner peace and promotes flawless sincerity in our intentions and actions.

    Benefits :
    • Mattipal : Soothes the soul and calms the mind, conducive to relaxation and meditation.
    • Musk : Stimulates sincerity of emotions and clarity of thoughts.
    Create a haven of peace and authenticity with the AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit - Mattipal & Musk, and imbue your environment with aromas that promote serenity and sincerity in every moment.
      • Details

        Mattipal - “Breathe Peace”
        Mattipal exudes a woody sweetness that instills a deep sense of peace. Its earthy scent is a reminder of stability and tranquility, providing a solid foundation for a peaceful mind.

        Musk - “Quintessence of Sincerity”
        Musk, rich and captivating, is a celebration of sincerity. Its intense and penetrating aroma is a powerful ally for those seeking authenticity and truth in their spiritual quest.

      • Composition

        12 incense sticks with Mattipal (Peace, No. 2): The scent of Mattipal invites serenity and calming of the mind, evoking an atmosphere of inner peace.

        12 Musk incense sticks (Sincerity, No. 1): Musk is known for its pure and deep fragrance, which encourages authenticity and sincerity.

        Features :
        Quantity: 24 incense sticks (12 of each scent)
        Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick
        Ingredients: Selected for their quality and natural origin
        Craft: Hand-rolled sticks respecting traditional methods
        Dimensions: 4.5x22 cm

      • Advice

        How to use it ?
        Light the incense by placing it on a suitable support, let the flame lightly consume the end of the stick before blowing it out for optimal diffusion of the aroma.

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      Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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      1 avis
      • Marion C.
        Acheteur vérifié
        Je recommande ce produit
        Rated 5 out of 5 stars
        Odeur divine

        Mon intérieur est plus que nettoyé à ec ces encens qui nous permettent une méditation intérieure et olfactive

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