AJY Bazaar Incense Kit - Sandalwood & Amber

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AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit “Aspiration & Generosity” – Sandalwood & Amber

Embracing the virtues of spirituality and altruism, the “Aspiration & Generosity” Incense Kit combines the meditative introspection of Sandal (symbol 9) with the enveloping warmth of Amber (symbol 4), creating a space where spiritual aspiration and generosity of the heart meet.

  • Sandal: Encourages elevation and the search for deep meaning in life.
  • Amber: Evokes warmth and generosity, enriching the mind with a feeling of abundance and sharing.

Strengthen your desire for spiritual growth and kindness with the AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit - Sandal & Amber, and let these deep and generous essences enrich your daily practice and your living space.
    • Details

      Sandalwood – “Ancient Wisdom”
      Sandalwood, once again present in this kit, continues to spread its meditative scent, firmly supporting everyone's spiritual and intellectual aspirations.

      Amber – “Generous Embrace”
      Amber, with its rich and enveloping warmth, is the emanation of generosity. Its comforting and deep fragrance warms the heart and stimulates the desire to share and give without counting.

    • Composition

      12 sandalwood incense sticks (Aspiration, No. 9): These sandalwood sticks promote inner quest and spiritual elevation.

      12 Amber incense sticks (Generosity, No. 4): Amber warms the soul and inspires a feeling of generosity and benevolence.

      Features :
      Quantity: 24 incense sticks (12 of each scent)
      Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick
      Ingredients: Selected for their quality and natural origin
      Craft: Hand-rolled sticks respecting traditional methods
      Dimensions: 4.5x22 cm

    • Advice

      How to use it :
      For a warm and welcoming atmosphere, light the incense stick, blow out the flame and place it in a suitable holder for safe diffusion.

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    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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    2 avis
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