AJY Bazaar Incense Kit - Jasmine & Lotus

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AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit “Progress & Goddess” – Jasmine & Lotus

The “Progress & Goddess” Kit is an ode to evolving beauty and the divine feminine essence. The exuberant Jasmine (symbol 7) combines with the elegant Lotus (symbol 5) to support personal progress while honoring grace and inner purity.
Benefits :

  • Jasmine: Inspires personal and spiritual evolution, with a scent that awakens aspirations.
  • Lotus: Supports inner tranquility and elevation of the spirit, with a clear and luminous fragrance.
Walk the path of fulfillment and divine grace with the AJY BAZAAR Incense Kit - Jasmine & Lotus, and surround yourself with scents that promote progress and celebrate the goddess in every being.
    • Details

      Jasmine - “Flower of Progress”
      Jasmine, with its heady and sunny notes, is a celebration of progress. This opulent flower is a powerful stimulator of innovation and personal advancement, inviting growth and evolution.

      Lotus - "Aquatic Deity" The Lotus, elegant and pure, embodies the quintessence of divine femininity. Its subtle scent evokes grace and wisdom, supporting spiritual awakening and inner beauty.

    • Composition

      12 Jasmine incense sticks (Progress, No. 7): Jasmine, with its sweet and penetrating notes, is the scent of progress and optimism.

      12 Lotus incense sticks (Goddess, No. 5): The lotus is a tribute to divine femininity, evoking purity and grace.

      Features :
      Quantity: 24 incense sticks (12 of each scent)
      Burning time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick
      Ingredients: Selected for their quality and natural origin
      Craftsmanship: Hand-rolled sticks respecting traditional methods
      Dimensions: 4.5x22 cm

    • Use

      How to use it ?
      Ideal for meditation sessions or to create a serene atmosphere in your home. Light it, let it burn briefly, then blow so that the incense releases its essence.

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    Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Basé sur 2 avis
    2 avis
    • Aurelie R.
      Acheteur vérifié
      Je recommande ce produit
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      il y a 2 heures

      Teste , adore , avec succès , j’adore l’odeur !!! Je recommande !!

    • Marion
      Acheteur vérifié
      Je recommande ce produit
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      il y a 3 jours
      Quelle odeur divine

      Aussitôt reçus aussitôt testés. Je suis ravie de cette odeur agréable, légère et qui provoque beaucoup d'émotions durant les séances de méditation.

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