2 packs of Ayurvedic incense (24 sticks)

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AJYBAZAAR Incense 2 Packs - 24 Sticks Total

Experience serenity with our exclusive AJYBAZAAR Incense 2-Pack, comprising a total of 24 handcrafted incense sticks. Each stick has been carefully selected to enrich your space with calming and inspiring aromas.


  • Soothing ambiance: Perfect for relaxation, meditation or creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home.
  • Air Quality: Helps purify the air, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience.
  • Serenity: Fragrances are chosen to promote peace of mind and well-being.
  • Details

    Quantity: 2 packs, each containing 12 incense sticks. <><> Burn Time: Each stick provides approximately 45 minutes of enchanting fragrance. <><> Fragrances: A selection of natural fragrances designed to awaken your senses and harmonize your space. <><> Manufacturing: Artisanal, guaranteeing exceptional quality and purity.

  • Composition

    Ayurvedic incense made from 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs and herbs.

  • Use

    Use : <> Light the end of the stick, then gently blow out the flame to let the stick burn slowly, releasing its delicate scent. <> Ideal for daily use in your living, working or meditation space. <> Perfect as a gift for incense lovers or for those looking to introduce a zen ambiance into their environment.

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