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Sport at the heart of my AJY method

Sport at the heart of my AJY method.

Sport built me ​​by giving me strength and sensitivity. This big family unites, brings together, teaches respect for others and humility. As children, we often come to sport by following friends or because our parents choose one for us. Whatever their motivation, the child discovers a new world, a space of play and teaching where initiative and mutual aid take precedence. In team or individual sport, practice allows them to acquire autonomy and develop their emotions.

Personally, I learned to listen, observe, and develop my empathy. Over time, I learned to recognize my own emotions and not to systematically live in resonance with those of others. Yoga helps me with this every day.

The practice of yoga, the best way to know yourself.

With yoga, we learn to listen to ourselves and know ourselves from head to toe to relieve excess stress, intense fatigue, back pain or discomfort. The desire to discover the resources of this practice germinated, then the click came quickly. Calm, care, interiority, stretching, these words resonate within us. As varied as it is, depending on the teacher and his inspiration, the method is holistic, generous; it takes into account the entire body in the present moment.

Meditation and breathing heal our fears, our stress, our insomnia. The postures cure our ailments, lengthen us, soften us. The perception of our body becomes more refined, stress fades away, body and mind relax together, simultaneously. The teaching of yoga guides us towards humility. We never stop learning, always a little more. Let us understand that the benefits of yoga are not found in books or just by listening to the best masters in the world: the path is first and foremost personal.

Dare to challenge

Yoga puts us on the right path and it is up to us to move forward at our own pace, without trying to be better than the other, nor wanting to always be as efficient as the day before. The key is to dare. Dare to ask for help, dare to teach others, dare to be imperfect, dare to have fun, dare to laugh, dare to cry, dare to fail to be more successful afterwards. Try a little every day - the master, the teacher, is a yogi like any other, who continually learns and challenges himself. The road is beautiful and long, we must bring our sankalpa - our intention. The intention can be a word, a sentence, a mantra or even a person to whom we would like to devote ourselves, or simply a thought that we address to ourselves.

At the start of the session, it allows me to be fully present and motivated. In my daily life, it has become a positive mental habit that allows me to listen to what is important to me. It’s often the same intention that comes up: “Alex, be proud of yourself, have confidence in yourself. » I started repeating this intention to myself when I was a student. Just like with sports, my pride depended on my teacher's opinion. But I understood thanks to my yoga master Aria that I had to be proud of myself for myself, and not through the eyes of others.

Knowing how to listen to yourself and surpass yourself

Physical exercise is not an uninteresting performance, it is a deep connection between the head and the body, just like yoga. When we take control of our body to help it move forward, literally and figuratively, we want the best for it, it is our ally.

Diet and physical exercise are driving forces. They boost our body and our mind. There is no point in feeling guilty when we rarely eat anything or spend Sunday in bed. There is no point in judging yourself harshly and blaming yourself, stress will have a much more devastating effect.

Positiveness and confidence go hand in hand with listening to yourself. Let us trust each other, for our own good. Our body and our mind merge to better cherish each other.