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Good evening reflexes in Ayurveda

What evening rituals should you adopt according to Ayurveda?

As important as the morning ritual in Ayurveda, the evening ritual allows you to end the day well and eliminate all sources of stress to spend a quality night.

Just as it is essential to have a routine from waking up called Dinacharya , it is essential to set up a routine or certain rituals at the end of the day. Incessant during the day, both physical and mental activity must be able to be gradually reduced during the Kapha period.

In Ayurveda, the evening ritual called in Sanskrit Ratrichrya (Ratri = night) – (Charya = routine) is as important as the morning ritual.

He is the moment of transition during which we get rid of the fatigue of the day and turn to the essentials. This period begins a little before sunset.

Designating the activities to be practiced during the evening, Ratricharya is divided into three periods: Sandhya Varjya , the period before sunset, Bhojana or dinner time and Bhojana Uttara , the period after dinner.

1. Sandhya Varjya
Considered a diamond, Sandhya Varjya is conducive to yoga practice, meditation, prayers or mantras and readings.

2. Bhojana
Then comes the time to cook a light dinner which must be eaten at least two hours before bedtime.
During the last meal of the day, you should eat more lightly than at lunch and limit foods that are difficult to digest.
Avoid meat, dairy products, raw foods, tea, coffee, alcohol, but also very spicy and bitter foods.

Also, called Raja Aseeta , posture is essential. During the meal, your abdominal region must remain free and not contracted to allow digestion to take place correctly.

3. Bhojana Uttara
If we are used to washing our hands before meals, it is also advisable to do it after dinner in Ayurveda and to practice a digestive walk.

Sleep is one of the Traya Upastambhas also called the three pillars of good health. According to Ayurveda, half of illnesses could be relieved by quality sleep.
In order to prepare it as best as possible and promote restful sleep:
- turn off all screens (computer, television, tablet and of course the laptop which should not be left on the bedside table) at least one hour before going to bed.
- also dim the light.
- practice a self-facial massage with the Kansa Wand with hot oil to completely relax.
- prepare a herbal tea or infusion and take 2 capsules of AJYPNOSIS . Herbal teas calm, relax and signal to the brain that it is time to sleep.

Finally, called Samveshana , the position you adopt during the night is important.
Try as much as possible to lie on your left side, considered the rest side in Ayurveda, while the right side is the action side.