Les bienfaits des compléments alimentaires

The benefits of food supplements

The benefits of food supplements

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Faced with a hectic life and the complexity of our eating routines, the consumption of food supplements continues to grow. AJY is a brand of food supplements that fuses the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda with an organic, vegan and made in France approach.

Food supplements: a real nutritional asset

Beyond their growing popularity, food supplements are designed to provide our body with a valuable additional source of nutrients, complementing a varied and balanced diet . Thanks to their careful composition , each product meets a specific need. Numerous scientific studies have highlighted their notable health benefits .

Why is taking food supplements essential?

In the current context, our daily lives are often tinged with a multitude of challenges. The days are getting longer, the environment is deteriorating and professional and personal demands continue to intensify. These factors, combined with fluctuating eating habits, create a breeding ground for various bodily imbalances. It is in this context that food supplements find their relevance.

Our current routines, marked by stress, pollution and sometimes precarious eating habits, can cause fatigue and imbalances. This is where food supplements come in:

Fight against fatigue :

Fatigue is not just a simple feeling of weariness. It witnesses a lack, often nutritional, that the body expresses. In a society where the sun is sometimes shy, vitamin D deficiency is common. This deficiency can contribute to feelings of chronic fatigue. Thanks to food supplements, it is possible to quickly compensate for these deficiencies and revitalize the body. They act as reinforcement, providing our body with the resources necessary to face each day with vigor.

Correct deficiencies :

Although we strive to adopt a balanced diet, it is sometimes difficult to ensure optimal intake of all essential nutrients. Whether it's because of depleted soil, cooking methods, or food choices, our meals can be lacking in some key elements. Food supplements are then the ideal solution to guarantee our body everything it needs. Whether you are vegetarian, sporty or simply health conscious, there is a supplement suitable for every need.

Optimize overall health :

Health is not just the absence of disease. It encompasses physical, mental and emotional well-being. Certain food supplements, in addition to making up for deficiencies, provide additional benefits. For example, herbal extracts can promote relaxation and sleep, while vitamin complexes can improve concentration and mental clarity. In short, they support the body as a whole, ensuring its proper functioning and strengthening its resilience in the face of external aggression.

Regulation & difference with medicines

Food supplements, available in various forms such as capsules, lozenges, tablets, sachets of powder or liquids, have the main objective of supplementing our nutritional intake. They are governed by strict regulations, both at French and European level, which define the ingredients, dosages and labeling requirements. Unlike medicines, the aim of which is to treat or prevent diseases, food supplements cannot be marketed as “organic” in France due to the presence of synthetic vitamins. However, in our laboratories, we develop food supplements made from organic plants, thus guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients used.


Bioavailability refers to the ability of a food supplement to be effectively absorbed and used by our body. This is an essential criterion for judging the quality and effectiveness of a supplement. In order for it to exert its beneficial effect, the active ingredient of the supplement must not only be able to cross the intestinal membrane, but it must also persist for a sufficiently long time in the targeted area of ​​action. This absorption can be influenced by several factors such as age, state of health, gender or even the chemical form of the nutrients contained in the supplement.

Choosing the right AJY supplement

In the vast world of dietary supplements, the abundance of options available can quickly become overwhelming. Faced with an almost infinite variety of products, brands and promises, how can you ensure you make a wise choice suited to your needs?

It is imperative, in this jungle of propositions, to move towards brands recognized for their integrity, their expertise and the quality of their products. This is where AJY comes into the picture. By choosing AJY, we opt not only for a brand, but also for a health philosophy focused on naturalness and cutting-edge research.

Each AJY product is the result of careful formulation. Behind each capsule or tablet there is a rigorous ingredient selection process. The company relies on premium quality plant extracts, recognized for their beneficial properties and effectiveness. But that's not all: these extracts are combined with carefully studied nutrients to guarantee perfect synergy and maximize their positive effects on the body.

Additionally, AJY's R&D team constantly invests time and resources into understanding the latest scientific advances in nutrition and wellness. This dedication to science, coupled with a deep respect for nature and ancestral traditions, makes AJY an essential choice for those seeking the best for their health.

In short, while the market is saturated with options, AJY stands out, guiding consumers toward informed choices beneficial to their overall well-being.

Active ingredients: The real heroes

In the design of our food supplements, the use of dry plant extracts is favored, ensuring optimal conservation of their essential active ingredients. The latter, defined by their nature and concentration, are the pillars of the quality and effectiveness of a supplement. Acting on the brain, hormonal secretion and all functions of the body, they stimulate and strengthen the production of cells essential for our body. Thanks to this rigor in formulation, we guarantee products that effectively meet the needs of the body.

For every need, its AJY

AJY, inspired by Ayurveda, has developed a range to respond to each of your concerns:

Sleep :

  • With “ Ajypnose” , find peaceful and restorative nights.

Skin :

  • Ajyllumine ” for glowing and healthy skin.

Slimming :

  • Ajyrresistible ” will become your ally to achieve your silhouette goals.

Vitality :

  • Ajytatrice ” boosts your energy and your desire to conquer the world.

Immunity :

  • Ajymmunity ” to strengthen your natural shield against external aggressions.

Deficiencies :

  • Ajyodée ” and “ Ajyveg ” fill deficiencies in iron, magnesium and vitamin B12.

Emotional well-being :

  • Ajygaité ” to find joy and emotional balance.

Detox :

  • Ajydetox ” purifies the body of accumulated toxins.

Feminine comfort :

  • Ajyspm” provides relief during delicate periods of the female cycle.

In a constantly changing world, where the hectic pace of daily life and nutritional challenges are omnipresent, the importance of adopting food supplements becomes indisputable for many of us. For anyone seeking not only to compensate for potential deficiencies in their diet but also to optimize their general well-being, food supplements are more than just a benefit: they prove to be valuable and reliable allies.

The AJY brand stands out in this landscape by combining the ancestral wisdom of Ayurvedic tradition with contemporary methods of innovation. This unique fusion makes it possible to offer products that respect nature while benefiting from the most recent scientific advances. This not only ensures optimal efficiency, but also integrity that goes hand in hand with the values ​​of holistic health.

Opting for AJY therefore means choosing a synergy between tradition and modernity, a choice that promotes a balanced and natural approach to health. It also means committing to radiant health, where the well-being of the body and mind are considered a priority. Ultimately, in the quest for a fulfilling life and thriving health, AJY positions itself as a trusted companion for all who aspire to live to the best of their abilities.