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The secrets of Ayurvedic massage

The secrets of Ayurvedic massage: the Kansa Wand.

Taking the time to discover yourself, to observe your body is a way of checking that you are doing well. Massaging and checking your moles, observing the veins in your legs, feeling your breasts to make sure there are no small lumps, all these things make us take care of ourselves and teach us to listen to ourselves. Massaging ourselves feels good and relaxes our entire body.

The doshas guide us towards the massage that suits us. Depending on the periods and rebalancing, you will happily opt for a new type of treatment.

  • Vata : in a hot atmosphere, choose a heavy and nourishing oil
  • Pitta : your massage should be relaxing. Avoid too hot atmospheres.
  • Kapha : in an atmosphere at room temperature, prefer stimulating massages to activate your lymphatic system.

The Kansa Wand facial massage

The Kansa wand takes its name from the Sanskrit kansya which means bronze and wand means wand. Developed in India more than 3000 years ago, kansa is made of an alloy of metals: tin, copper, and bronze. These metals allow better penetration of the active ingredients of the associated product in depth. Initially refreshing, it becomes more and more warming as it comes into contact with the skin.

A tool that predates tools like the Jade roll-on, the Indians of the time ate their meals on a “Kansa” plate to facilitate digestion and reduce the acid content of foods. They then used it on the skin to balance the PH.

In Ayurveda, each part of the face represents a different organ. These specific areas may indicate an imbalance of the doshas: Vata, Pitta and/or Kapha. Facial massage or self-massage helps balance the doshas in the body and eliminates toxins through a draining action on the lymph nodes.

The Kansa AJY works in depth the muscles and fascia of the face. Skin elasticity and microcirculation are improved for brighter skin.

Combine your massage with an oil or serum. Alexandra uses it with jojoba or hazelnut oil.

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