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Detox: how to eliminate so-called Ama toxins?

Detox: how to eliminate so-called Ama toxins?

What is Ama?

The Ama refers to toxins that stagnate in the body due to poorly digested food, polluted air, sedentary lifestyle or even stress. This phenomenon is the cause of a large number of health problems.

Meaning in Sanskrit, the “unripe”, “uncooked”, or “undigested” elements, Ama concerns foods that are poorly tolerated by the body which, when they become fetid, produce toxins which lodge in the body.

During digestion, food is broken down and nutrients useful to the body are then separated from waste. The rich and useful part of food is called Rasa Dhatu. But Rasa Dhatu is sometimes not optimal due to a lack of digestive fire (Agni) linked to poor nutrition or a diet not suitable for the dosha.

It becomes stale and produces toxins which accumulate in the body.

Where do these toxins come from?

The main cause of Ama accumulation is excess food, too fatty and/or processed food, poor food combinations and foods that contain toxins.

Cold or raw foods consumed in too large quantities as well as a diet too rich in sweet, sour or salty foods also promote Ama .

The air we breathe is also the cause of the accumulation of toxins in the body due to air pollution. Stress, repressed emotions or lack of physical activity are also to blame.

One of the objectives of Ayurveda is to stimulate and then strengthen the digestive fire in order to allow the body to eliminate these toxins.

What are the consequences of poor elimination of toxins?

These toxins begin by colonizing the digestive tract, the blood, then accumulate in different areas of the body such as lymphatic channels, capillary vessels, arteries, etc. They can also be lodged in the liver, muscle tissues and joints, but also in the vessels of the extremities such as the hands or feet.

Ultimately, these toxins promote the appearance of various health problems and chronic diseases.

“First manifestation of Ama , constipation”

At the beginning, the excessive presence of toxins has repercussions on the digestive sphere. First manifestation of such overload, constipation. Initially occasional, it quickly becomes chronic and can be accompanied by poor digestion, nausea, lack of appetite or mucus in the stools.

The Ama also manifests itself by stains on the nails, poor sleep, increased cavities, hair loss, stomach aches or unexplained migraines. Then, it is microcirculation which is more difficult.

At a more advanced stage, arthritis, rheumatism, hypercholesterolemia and even diabetes or cardiovascular problems may appear.

How to eliminate toxins?

One of the objectives of Ayurveda is therefore to stimulate and then strengthen the digestive fire in order to allow the body to eliminate these toxins. A balanced diet adapted to your dosha, the use of spices, the practice of yoga and sport in the broad sense promote the elimination of toxins, as do regular massages or dry brushing.

Favor anti-oxidant detox foods such as: lemon - spinach - garlic - ginger - green vegetables - berries - chia seeds.

Supplementing your diet withAJYDETOX treatments will facilitate the elimination of toxins in the body. Protecting your liver is essential because it has a vital role. It protects the body by detoxifying it, it cleanses the blood by neutralizing chemical and toxic substances and it produces bile to facilitate digestion. It helps us a lot but we must return it by reducing alcohol, reducing sugar, drinking water and eating healthy. Black radish, dandelion and artichoke present in ourAJYDETOX cures are a plant combination known to drain and improve our liver and biliary functions.