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How to detoxify your body and eliminate toxins?

How to detoxify your body and eliminate toxins?

When Ama accumulates in the body, health problems multiply and sometimes become chronic.

How to promote the gentle evacuation of toxins?

The source of many common ailments, Ama clogs our entire body. It is no coincidence that the term amaya , the Sanskrit word which designates illnesses, literally means: “that which is born from Ama”! But how to get rid of all these harmful toxins according to Ayurveda?

Ayurveda provides an arsenal of methods to eliminate toxins in the body, including Panchakarma cures. Coming from the Sanskrit terms pancha (five) and karma (action), Panchakarma is a process of purification and detoxification of the body ideally recommended during each change of season in Ayurveda.

Do an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment:

Originally, the five traditional Panchakarma therapies are: basti (herbal oil enema), nasya (nasal irrigation), vamana (purging) and raktamokshana (bloodletting). Some of these Ayurvedic treatments practiced in the past have been replaced by other methods that are gentler and more adapted to our lifestyle.

The Panchakarma cures offered in Ayurvedic centers over several weeks include body care, an adapted diet, combinations of purifying Ayurvedic plants and work on assisted emunctories. If you do not have the possibility of doing such an Ayurvedic treatment, you can also adopt an easy-to-follow body detox program, thanks to a course of food supplements, such as AJYDETOX and supported in particular by a suitable diet.

In Ayurveda, but not only that, detoxifying the body is a preventive method which should not be considered as a moment of frustration, but rather as a period of rest for the body. Body detoxes must be regular, because let's face it, it is very difficult to have good food hygiene every day of the year by favoring quality foods and eating at the right time.

Practicing physical activity

You can focus on regular physical activity which allows you to sweat and therefore again eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. Sports that work the cardio, such as the winning trio of cycling - swimming - brisk walking, are particularly recommended.

Before you start, don't skip the warm-up phase and stretch. During the session, don't forget to hydrate yourself. Proper hydration of body tissues allows waste and toxins to be more mobile and to circulate better towards the organs of elimination and natural evacuation routes.

Also be sure to take strong, rapid breaths.

In Ayurveda, sweating caused by dry heat (sauna) and moist heat (hammam) are frequently used to eliminate toxins.


You can regularly practice prayanama kapalabhati which is a technique of

Yogic breathing in Ayurveda also called "shining skull", which participates in the elimination of toxins by the body. It consists of breathing only through the nose and focusing on the exhalations.

Sit comfortably with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. During the inspiratory phases, your stomach should round.

Inhale, then blow out sharply through your nose. You can feel your stomach pushing in

the interior. Automatically, it will inflate on its own and effortlessly during the following inspiration.

Start blowing through your nose again, and let your stomach expand with each inhale.

passive which follows. Carry out a cycle of approximately 15 to 30 inspirations, then take a deep breath through your nose, also filling the top of your lungs. Hold the inhaled air for four to five seconds, before blowing out through your nose. Visualize the air circulating dynamically during kapalabhati to purify the entire body.

The triphala

Another valuable aid is triphala, a mixture of three Indian fruits available in powder form which has beneficial effects on the three doshas.

Soak a teaspoon of triphala in a glass of water overnight and drink the water the next morning on an empty stomach. You will thus promote the transit of the digestive system, help eliminate toxins from the body and clean the intestines. Also make sure to practice the morning ritual and the evening routine that you will find in our other articles. Regularly, in addition to a body detox, detox your Internet connection and your mobile. This phase of intellectual rest will also allow you to eliminate negative thoughts in addition to toxins.

Kitchari: a detox dish

1 glass of basmati rice

½ glass of coral lentils

5 glasses of water

2 teaspoons of turmeric

1 slice of ginger, cut

1 tablespoon of ghee

½ teaspoon coriander powder

½ teaspoon cumin powder

½ teaspoon whole cumin seeds

3 seasonal vegetables

Rinse the lentils and rice once the water is clear. Put the rice, lentils,

spices, ghee and salt. Add the 5 glasses of water.

Leave to soak for at least an hour. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and place them in the pan. Place on high heat until boiling, then on medium heat. Cook without stirring until the water is absorbed. It's ready !